About Us

Welcome to SuperbCert, where garden dreams come to life! Established on May 16, 2014, our journey began with a simple passion for gardening and a love for adorning our outdoor spaces with whimsical decorations. It all started with my family and me, spending countless hours nurturing our garden oasis, cultivating vibrant blooms, and weaving enchanting tales amidst the petals.

As our garden flourished, so did our collection of ornamental treasures. Each piece told its own unique story, adding charm and character to our outdoor haven. Inspired by the joy and wonder our garden brought us, we envisioned sharing this magical experience with others. And thus, SuperbCert was born.

On September 14, 2019, we took a leap into the digital world, launching our online store to reach garden enthusiasts worldwide. From quaint terracotta pots to whimsical garden gnomes, our curated selection of horticultural delights aims to ignite the same sense of wonder and delight that our garden brings us every day.

Fast forward to August 25, 2023, and our humble family venture has blossomed into a thriving team of 39 passionate individuals, dedicated to spreading the love for gardening and outdoor decor far and wide.

At SuperbCert, we believe that every garden tells a story, and we're here to help you create yours. Join us on this enchanting journey, and let's cultivate beauty together, one bloom at a time.

At SuperbCert, our vision is to become the world's premier destination for horticultural decor, enriching lives and spaces with the eternal beauty of nature. We aspire to inspire creativity and imagination, fostering a global community of garden enthusiasts who share our passion for cultivating beauty and preserving the wonders of the natural world. Join us as we continue to cultivate joy, inspiration, and connection through the art of gardening.